Are Dental X-Rays Risky?

Dental X-rays might seem like a complicated topic, however, this is a common tool used to evaluate your oral health.

Dental x ray jeffersonville services allow a dentist to see the insides of your teeth and underneath your gums as well.

Associated With Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays involve radiation, so many people might be under the opinion that it is harmful. However, the exposure levels are pretty low, so, they are safe for both adults and children.

The dental radiographs are designed in such a way that the radiation is minimized. Still, it is recommended that the patients should use lead apron while getting a dental X-ray.

If your dentist is using a digital X-rays, then the risk of radiation exposure is minimal. In addition to that, the dentist will have a lead bib on your chest, abdomen, and pelvic region as well.

This is to prevent unwanted radiation exposure to any of your major organs. If you have thyroid conditions, then a thyroid collar might be used as well.

If you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, then you must inform your dentist of the same. Radiation is generally not considered to be safe for fetuses. You might have been asked to avoid all sorts of radiation. So, it is better to avoid dental X-rays in such a case.


It must have been clear by now that there isn’t much risk involved with dental X-rays. So, you have nothing to be scared of. Just like brushing and flossing, yearly dental X-rays are also an integral part of maintaining oral health.

Dental x ray jeffersonville

Ensure that you don’t miss your dental appointments and get your dental X-rays done in time. Also, you should always see your dentist as soon as you develop any pain or other oral changes.